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& History 01.

Trust started as a sole practitioner providing services to the area community. Our Office has now grown to five lawyers and provides expert legal representation.

& Philosophy 02.

Trust Law Offices founded on the principles of truth, justice, accountability, and equal access. Our success has been the result of each attorney and staff members.

& Services 03.

Trust founded the firm with a desire to tackle the most challenging legal issues in the northwest and to advocate entirely on behalf of plaintiffs.

Our Legal Team

Meet Our Attorneys

Each lawyer at Trust law firm focuses exclusively on civil matters, we have choosed our lawyers taking into account their experience and ability to handle all cases.


In Trust, we are aiming to provide high quality legal consultancy, support and results for your legal issues.

Get Your
Legal Advice

Post your question and get free legal advice directly from our experienced lawyers, We are here to help you.

Have Great
Discounted Rates

If Trust accept your case, we’ll never require you to pay huge fees or expenses as we work with alow cost.

Work With
Expert Lawyers

Our lawyers are expertise and experts in all law fields, They will obtain the best results they could achieve.

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Case Documents

Get a thorough review of your legal documents by an expert attorney for as little as $0 per document.

All About Us

Our Latest News

Follow Trust latest news and articles which focuses exclusively on civil matters, general civil law for businesses, individuals, and also new updates.

Раздел недвижимого имущества

Раздел недвижимого имущества: Основные аспекты и разъяснения согласно Законодательству Республики Беларусь

В процессе развода, одним из ключевых вопросов становится раздел недвижимого иму...
Раздел имущества при недобросовестном поведении супруга

Раздел имущества при недобросовестном поведении супруга в соответствии с белорусским законодательством

Развод считается одним из самых трудных периодов в жизни каждой семьи. Помимо эмо...

Раздел долгов, кредитов и банковских вкладов при разводе

Развод считается одним из самых сложных и эмоционально нагруженных событий в жиз...
Раздел движимого имущества

Раздел движимого имущества

При разделе движимого имущества при разводе в Беларуси существуют конкретные нор...
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See what our clients say about us, we have been known for doing what we says, aiming to bring favourable results for its customers as soon as possible.

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Results recommend Trust Law Firm as a good lawyers office, a trusted partners of his customers’ business and a honest adviser and consultant for legal situation.